200 hours Hatha yoga &AshtangaVinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course ( 28 Days )

The two styles are two sides of the same coin. Use of both practices should result in a well-rounded student. A teacher should have a good foundation of hatha and vinyasa yoga with the knowledge of when to practice each. Our bodies are constantly evolving due to external as well as internal factors, and we cannot (and should not) have the same practice every single day.

We age continuously, events bring change, and yoga by no means is a one size fits all approach. The proper knowledge of hatha and Vinyasa will help keep a lifelong practice of yoga balanced and fully beneficial. As a teacher and practitioner, I strongly urge you to explore and understand how both styles are equally important to us. We must remind ourselves that all these divisions and sub-categories ofpractice are newer creations of the modern yoga world. Understand the subtleties of both approaches will make you a better student and teacher of yoga.


  • Daily yoga practices
  • Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Styles
  • 60 poses and their correct technique, benefits and precautions
  • 12 pranayama breathing exercis
  • Yogic philosophy and teaching
  • Study of bandha, Kriya, and mantra
  • Meditation, pranayama, and asana sessions
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology classes
  • Certification from Yoga Alliance
  • 28 nights accommodation
  • Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Basic Ayurveda class, meditation, pranayama, and mantra chanting

Yoga Practical Aspects

  • Asana
  • Natural relaxation asana
  • Natural standing asana with external rotations
  • Forward bending asana
  • Backward extensions
  • Spinal twisting asana
  • Inverted asana
  • Balancing asana
  • Meditation asana
  • Surya-Namaskara
  • Lotus group asana or Padmasana

Time Table

06:00 - Wake up time
06:30 - Tea break
07:00 - Practice (Asanas/ Pranayamas)
09:30 - Breakfast
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Lecture (traditional texts/philosophy)
15:30 - Practice [asanas/ pranayamas]
18:00 - Dinner
19:30 - Assignments/self-study/group sharing
21:30 - Lights off/good night
Sundays - Day off [ no classes ]

This is the time table of a four-week program for your general information, which may change according to the discretion of the course coordination.


Fee for this course is 1600 USD ,include Course Accommodation & food( in any currency – USD, , Euro ..etc).