Leksmi Yoga and Ayurveda Panchakarma Center situated in kerala south India we are following gurukula system.means GURU's(Teacher) and student leving same place. our aim spliting Yoga and Ayurveda.we have two center's in kerala our head office sittuated in KATTAKADA our one branch situated in international tourist place KOVALAM.kerala south india 16 km form international airport to LEKSMI YOGA kovalam.

In our center nice accommodation ac /non ac rooms avilabile for your budject athmosphiar quated peace full and sea breeze palm tress.green and beautifull garden's and near the beach LEKSMI YOGA registerd organation in kerala india.

UNITED STATES and YOGA ALINCE INTERNATIONAL and National center for labur and lerning(NGO, partnership system planing comision) From GOVERNMENT OF INDIA we have traditional guru's and experience teacher's working with our institution.we following traditional AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT and TRAINING.

we have experience ayurveda docter's and specialized vaidhya's and experienced therapist.we are offering yoga teacher training course,yoga classes every day,ayurveda treatments and ayurveda panchakarma training course. our center have many student's  arround the world come to our place to nearn about yoga and ayurveda.our accommodation the room's are defferent style.choice of student's eg: fan,wifi,air condition,beach view. close to the beach appartment.house for rent etc...

Only vegetarion, organic and jungle food avalibe in our center.

Yogi Varunji (varun)

Varun is the Director and Founder of  Lekshmi Yoga International and Ayurveda panchakarma center and has been practising Yoga since the age of 21th inspired by Mrs. Lekshmi Mathaji. He studied, learned and Co. taught for 13 year with same of India's more traditional teachers.    He is the member of yoga Yoga Alliance, United States.  and Member of international  Yoga Alliance and member of Agasthya Akhila Sangham Parambarya Sidha Vaidya Sangham.mostly for combining karma yoga, jnana yoga, bhakti, and raja yoga, he spread yoga all over the world. Dedicated to spirituality, he spent his life learning scriptures and teaching yoga.

Varun holds Yoga Siromani from Sivanada Ashram and he hold Ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher Training Course from Mysore,He has Diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy. pankajakashuri ayurveda medical college trivandrum and Siddha Maruthva Pandit (S M P) He study in Sidha maruthva gurugulam Tamilnadu.

He conducts yoga Teachers Training Courses,(200 hr ) yogaWork Shops, Seminars, Retreats Yoga therapy Camps, yoga conference  Ayurveda  training Camps , Body purification therapy,Stress management,Slimming program,Anti-agining program and ayurvedatreatments,Ayurveda special beauty care program, Rheumatic arthritis. extensively in India as well as many Countries around the World

students came from all over theworld more than For example United States, England, France , Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and etc...